Pure Ratios was founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur, William Conner (Billy), who was heartened by the impact of cannabis-based remedies, but strongly concerned with the lack of accurate dosing available in the existing products on the market.

Pure Ratios CBD offers a unique collection of lab tested, hemp based CBD products intended to help manage pain and discomfort through a long lasting, consistent dosing of cannabinoids. For many people, Pure Ratios family of products are becoming a healthy addition to their daily lives.

Pure Ratios CBD products are naturally pure, chemical and additive free. Our products are produced from extracting CBD from the hemp plant, to capture all of the plants beneficial properties through a proprietary CO2 extraction method.

Pure Ratios Launches Patented Sustained-Release CBD & THC Lozenge – a Game Changer in the Cannabis “Edibles” Market

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — With the launch of their novel sustained-release CBD & THC lozenge, Pure Ratios introduces a new kind of sustained-release delivery system that rewrites how cannabis-based compounds will be administered more efficiently by mouth. The small soft lozenge is designed to slowly dissolve in the mouth (about 30 to 45 minutes). During that time the lozenge  continuously delivers a steady stream of cannabinoids to the oral mucosa. The following compositions and ratios are available: CBD 50mg & 100mg, THC Indica & Sativa 10mg & 25mg, 1:1 and 4:1 CBD/THC.

This new oral line of Pure Ratios products is based on the key realization that the oral environment offers a perfect gateway to the systemic circulation (Bloodstream), when active ingredients are delivered inside the mouth at a controlled rate and allowed to be in contact with the mucosal structures for prolonged periods of time. “When an active is preferentially absorbed transmucosally, it enters directly into the circulation, thus creating a faster onset of action and with continued input a longer lasting effect is assured“, describes the company’s Chief Science Officer, Frank Kochinke, PhD. and adds: “By reducing the amount of active swallowed, metabolic conversion in GI tract and liver is minimized.”

While the ingredients of edibles and other conventional oral products (chewing gums, candy, cookies, tinctures, mints, sprays, etc.) are swallowed right away or washed away in minutes, the new sustained-release lozenges continuously deliver their loaded ingredients for prolonged periods of time and therefore maintain a steady active ingredient concentration gradient, the driving force for transmucosal transport. Studies demonstrate that this directly translates into a more efficient and effective delivery of a wide range of ingredients.

The company’s lozenge approach is unique in that it offers further benefits to the user by releasing additional ingredients. For example, co-delivered ingredients help to support oral hygiene by killing bacteria that cause bad breath and dry mouth or delivering ingredients that neutralize cavity-causing acids preventing tooth demineralization and plaque, etc.

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Pure Ratios Vape Hemp Oils UK Pure Ratios Vape Hemp Oils UK